If you’re thinking of joining the credit union – Great! It is really easy.

To become a member of Strathclair Credit Union Ltd., each individual acquires a $5 common share. These common shares represent members’ ownership of the credit union, and each holder of at least one common share is entitled to one vote at any and all membership meetings.

  • Strathclair Credit Union is an open-bond credit union, which means anyone can join. As a financial institution that is owned and operated by the people that use its services, the credit union is a community-based organization
  • Our members – the people who use the credit union and its many services – are the owners of the credit union
  • Credit Unions are not-for-profit, meaning that whatever profits are made are returned to members in the form of patronage refunds, share dividends or cash. The more business you conduct at your credit union the larger your reward
  • 100% Deposit Protection. There is no limit to our deposit insurance, unlike other financial institutions. Deposits are all guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba
  • Decisions and profits are made right here in our community. Money made here stays here adding to our local economy and working for our members